Wadding in Bibs?

by Liz

I'm making some bibs that use fusible fleece but was wondering if I could use interfacing and a 4oz wadding instead?

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Jun 01, 2017
Wadding in Bibs?
by: Mimi June

Hi Liz!

Thank you for your question. I believe what you call wadding is referred to as "batting" in the U.S.

If I'm correct about that, then the only concern I would have is that, without the fusing in place (which would happen with the fleece), the wadding might shift out of place in the laundry. This would make the bibs lumpy and unattractive.

The classic answer to this is, of course, the quilting as done on quilts. For the bibs, I would think machine sewn quilting would be attractive and hardy enough to be useful.

You could do a simple grid over the fabric and wadding sandwich, or you could have some fun with loops or continuous machine quilting stitching. If you search for continuous machine quilting patterns, you should find plenty of patterns to play with!

I hope this was helpful.

Mimi June

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