About Me

My name is Mimi June and I love sewing -- for sooooo many reasons! When I was young, my family was not well off. In fact, we were poor.

My Dad worked long, hard hours in gas stations for very little pay, back in the day when self-service wasn't even a gleam in the station owner's eye. New clothing was not an option on his pay, so clothing for the family came from thrift stores or from charities.

But I wanted new clothes, pretty clothes. When I saw a lady sewing a new dress for one of my little girlfriends one day, I was fascinated!

The girl was the seamstress' daughter, and she pouted because she wanted store-bought clothing. Her clothing was made to fit her, in colors that were becoming to her, and in really cute styles, so I had no sympathy for the girl's tantrums! In fact, I was jealous!

Whenever I had the opportunity from then on, I tried various bits of hand sewing and related projects. I made a blouse (of which I was very proud -- see how I began sewing here) and embroidered a small sampler (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sampler_(needlework)) or two. Frankly, I worked harder on the blouse than the samplers, because I wanted clothing! Yes, I was single-minded, but I had a passionate desire to learn to make myself lovely clothes.

As soon as I was old enough and settled in my own apartment, I elected to purchase a brand new, very basic and sturdy sewing machine from Sears. It was an excellent choice that I made entirely by accident! (We'll discuss how to get the best sewing machine for your needs on another page.)

I was on a limited budget, but I made room for the cost of the various notions and fabrics I wanted by cooking from scratch and skipping the party nights that the other young ladies around me enjoyed regularly.

Were my first projects always wearable and attractive? Ummm, there are no pictures for a reason! Picture me laughing sheepishly here! But I learned things with every mistake.

And I often wore those mistakes just because they were my creations and I was proud to be creating something. The people around me must have been awfully kind, because I remember no raucous laughter at all!

Now, I have no problem wearing what I make, or even, giving what I make as gifts (which for me is a higher standard).

I've been sewing steadily since 1976. Every project I sew still teaches me things. Every project I plan still excites me. And yes, I still make mistakes.

But I now have a large repertoire of methods to correct or to hide my errors, or, even, to incorporate them as a design element. I have learned that creativity is more fun than stiff rule-following.

And I have learned that creativity and originality develop as you work with the various designs, encounter the various problems along the way, and take the time to correct and solve and integrate all the elements of sewing.

It's a wondrous process that I hope to continue throughout the rest of my life. It's fun! I want to share this lovely adventure with you -- come on and join in!