Learn How to Sew


Sewing is a great hobby and you'll never be sorry you learned how! It's the hobby that continues to give for as long as you sew. You'll be part of a growing group of men and women who are wanting good-looking, good-fitting, well-made products, whether they're sewing clothing or slipcovers. Not only will you learn to make this type of product, you'll be able to use the things you learn sewing to purchase better quality also! You don't have to sew everything in order to benefit from what you will learn here.

However, you'll be able to sew many, many things. So, what do YOU want to sew? Are you looking to make any of these:


  • Perfectly fitted clothing? Made for your shoulders, your waist, to go over your tummy with grace!

  • The perfect gift for your child? for your best friend?

  • Country kitchen curtains? or the often-fantasized-of matching draperies and throw pillows for your living room?

  • Cute little toys for your club's Christmas bazaar?

  • Clothing that fits and flatters your plus size friends?

  • A perfect wedding gown for your favorite paying customer?

  • Your very own quilts and wallhangings?

  • How about beautiful handbags and totebags for your fashion outfits?

  • One of a kind storage cases for your electronics?

  • How about the perfect hair accessories for your favorite niece?

  • Or the one and only, perfect for you, designed by you Halloween costume?

All of these goals are achievable and more. How do you learn to sew, to make these wonderful things? We will take it step by step, using both words and videos to show you how to take a flat piece of fabric and turn it into a three-dimensional piece of clothing.

We will give you free patterns for accessories, clothing, quilts, toys and more (coming soon!). We will show you unusual sources for patterns, including great patterns for the plus size folks. We will talk about how to alter a pattern to fit you, your plus size friend, your tiny little daughter -- whoever will benefit from your gracious gift of sewing for them!

Are there are further benefits? Oh yes, you will be enjoying the process, as well as the finished product, because you'll understand how it all goes together! This is a relaxing and creative process, that gives lovely results. And you can teach others -- your children, your neighbors -- once you have learned. You can sew for charity, for the joy of giving to others, for your family, for your friends.

Does it save money? This depends on how you figure it. If you sew a simple oversize t-shirt from an easy pattern in a cheap jersey so that it looks just like one you could buy from Walmart for seven bucks, no, it will not save you money.

If, however, you make a high quality shirt from a high quality fabric with excellent pattern fitting, yes, you will save money in comparison with what an equivalent shirt would cost you. Regardless, you will be exercising creativity and enjoying your new hobby, while creating quality items.

We'll discuss which equipment you will need for each type of sewing, from sewing on a button to creating a machine embroidered quilt to establishing a mending and alteration business. We'll talk about the best sewing machines for sewing, for quilting, for machine embroidery, and all of those things. We'll talk about creative ways to make pillows and curtains and other home decor items. We'll review various sewing pattern software packages.

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